nollywood actress bidemi kosoko gets robbed at home

Nollywood Actress Bidemi Kosoko Gets Robbed At Home

Bidemi Kosoko, who is famous for her work in Nigeria’s Nollywood industry, has cried out on social media over a robbery incident at her house. 

Popular Yoruba Nollywood actress took to social media to share about an incident in which she was robbed by her maid. She wrote on Instagram that she was robbed by a newly employed maid. The actress said that the maid had spent just five days in her house before robbing her. 

Bidemi Kosoko’s maid ran away from the house at 5 am after stealing the belongings of Bidemi and her sister. The actress also revealed that she spent a large sum of money on conducting a medical test for the maid before her employment. She warned her fans to be careful before hiring maids in their house. 

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Her fans sympathized with her. Fans said that they also faced similar situations in the past. A social media user said, “Househelp is a no for me. I use the abroad standard. Come at a specific time and go that same day.” Another user wrote on Instagram, “House helps are the new set of thieves. One needs to be more careful with them.” Another person said, “Don’t pick people on the street. Pray , then use an agent.” Some said that they had the same experience. 

Bidemi Kosoko

Bidemi Kosoko has appeared in various Nollywood movies. She is famous for executing challenging and outstanding roles in the Nollywood film industry. The actress has also appeared in Nigerian film Alakada Reloaded. Her net worth is around $550K. 

She is a daughter of Jide Kosoko, a popular Nigerian actor, director and producer. Her father was born into a royal family. Her father has also appeared in several English and Yoruba-language Nollywood films.