police in kenya found 21 bodies on a controversial pastor's land

Police in Kenya found 21 bodies on a controversial pastor’s land

Twenty-one dead bodies have been discovered so far on land in Kenya that was owned by a pastor who was arrested for encouraging his congregation to fast to death. The land that belonged to preacher Paul Makenzi, who was detained on April 14 for ties to a cult, allegedly contains additional shallow graves that have not yet been dug up, according to the police.

Khalid Hussein, an activist for human rights who works with Haki Africa, made the following statement: “We can’t have people who just wake up one day in the name of a calling to drive people on a suicide path.” “Every single place of worship, whether it be a church, a mosque, a temple, or a synagogue, must be a part of a certified organizational framework.”

The death toll at the Good News International Church increased by four after it was determined that some people had starved to death there. The investigation started after a member of the public provided a tip about the crime.

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“We are calling on a multi-agency team to come in and comb this 800-acre land,” stated Hussein.

“The DCI homicide team is doing excellent work, and they should be allowed to continue doing that. This is something that should be allowed to happen.” However, the police need assistance in searching this area of land that is 800 acres in size in order for us to be able to save more people and possibly unearth further mass graves that could be in any of the areas that we are now in.

Makenzi has been on a hunger strike for the past four days while he is in police custody. The pastor was arrested previously, in 2019 and again in March of this year, in connection to the deaths of children. Both arrests were made this year. Both times, he was allowed to go free after posting bond, and both of his cases are still ongoing in the legal system.

As a protest against the proliferation of cults in the Malindi region, the politicians of the area have pleaded with the court not to release him this time.

Kenya is home to a sizeable religious population, and as a result, the country has its fair share of cults.