sudanese reactions to the resignation of abdalla hamdok

Sudanese Reactions to the Resignation of Abdalla Hamdok

 Sudan Sudan– Former Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdock announced his resignation on Sunday evening, less than a month after signing a military pact. In a televised statement on Sunday evening, Hamdok confessed that his efforts to bridge the growing divide between political groups had failed and urged political discussion. On Monday, Sudanese citizens awoke to conflicting feelings.

Some inhabitants of Khartoum, such as Mohamed al-Mubarak al-Sediq, expressed disappointment with the Prime Minister’s departure: “Sudan, we believe, has lost a significant figure who was well-liked by both the international community and the Sudanese people.” We hope he will return as an independent and become Sudan’s president in the near future. “

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Others, such as Mohamed al-Amin Dawood, see the Prime Minister’s resignation as a minor setback: “Sudanese ladies have given birth to thousands of guys like Hamdok, so I don’t believe the people are dependent on a single individual. Men who are patriotic abound in Sudan. ” Since April 2019, when President Omar al-Bashir was deposed following an unprecedented wave of youth-led protests, Sudan has been navigating a difficult transition to a complete civilian administration.

A bumpy transition headed by Hamdock was derailed on October 25 when Sudan’s new de facto ruler, top general Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, staged a coup and detained the Prime Minister and his cabinet ministers. As part of a military-military agreement, Hamdock was eventually reinstated on November 21. The military now has full command following his departure.