violent outrage against the sudan coup continues to threaten the survival

Violent outrage against the Sudan coup continues to threaten the survival

Another day of violent protests in Khartoum, the capital city of Sudan. On Thursday, hundreds of Sudanese people were on the streets and marched towards the house of 23-year-old Thabit Hussein.

People wanted to protest against the violence against them as because of it, Hussein was killed near the presidential palace earlier this week. On the same day, two other people were also killed and now the death toll of protestors has hit 76.

Many activists who were also part of the protest claimed that security forces fired live ammunition and tear gas to control the crowd in several locations in the capital which includes the areas around the fortified presidential palace.

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Be it the activist, protestor, or the family, everyone came together after getting to know about Hussein’s death. His mother stressed the urgent need for the Sudanese leader Abdel-Fattah Burhan “to stop the bloodshed and finally agree on what the youth really wants.

She explained how in this fiasco, which is increasing day after day, negotiation is the only possible solution. The country has been witnessing severe protests for the last three months.

The military coup left the African country once again struggling for democracy or a civilian government and people decided to not let their guards down this time. It was the time when Sudan could focus on strengthening people’s power to vote, to choose, and to have a choice. But the coup killed all of their hopes which only started to arise after the end of autocratic President Omar al-Bashir.