rally killing of journalists goma

Rally to request end the killing of journalists in Goma

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 07:55 am

Thousands of media journalists gathered in Goma being dressed in black attires to pay tribute to fellow pressmen who murdered in the last four months in Congo’s North Kivu and Ituri provinces.

As stated in International Federation of Journalists, it was reported that two journalists have been murdered in eastern Congo in August itself.

Famous radio-television director Baronnie de Byakato, was stabbed and killed at his home. Along with him, his wife was also murdered by suspected Mai-Mai militiamen, on August 14.

Eight days earlier, unknown assailants had slit Heritier Magayane’s throat in the village of Bunyangula, Rutshuru near Goma. Magayane was a journalist with Congo. 

President of the National Union of the Press,  Rosalie Zawadi, mentioned that said to themselves that they must stand up to demand safety for journalists. Eastern Congo was placed under emergency rule by President Felix Tshisekedi as part of his campaign against armed groups.

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Right Watchdogs reported that they have hearing about the threats to journalists coming from militia groups and security forces.

They further added by saying that it is deplorable that the state of siege that is gradually materializing can unfortunately also give the opportunity to some of these detractors of press freedom to act.

They are concerned and have asked for serious investigations to be carried out during this period of the state of siege. 

Brutally in the month of May, journalist Barthelemy Kubanabandu Changamuka was shot eight times and killed just minutes after hosting a radio program in the Masisi area of North Kivu.

The region which is awash with armed groups remains one of the worst places for journalists to work. They have no right to practice freedom of speech and carry unbiased journalism.

In such hours of grief, Goma’s journalist join rallies to show their despair and concern on unlawful activities and killing of high profile media men.