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Goma residents disapprove inclusion of Rwandese people in DRC

Democratic Republic of CongoDemocratic Republic of Congo

Goma residents are on streets to express their displeasure over inclusion of Rawandese policemen in the Democratic Republic of Congo as they fear that they could be subjected to uncalled for clashes. 

Hundreds of Goma residents showed their anger at the authorities for letting them inside their territory. Mass scale clashes have erupted between the people, mostly consisting of youth, and the local police resulting in several injuries.

The issue was highlighted when a policeman on Monday died following the clashes in the capital of North Kivu. 

One of the protestors talked about the situation saying, “In our country, we have a good army and a good police force, but we don’t understand why the Rwandans are going to come and secure us here in our country.”

Another protestor also revoleted the changing dynamics saying that Congolese are witnessing struggles for the longest time and hence they are demonstrating to say no to the arrival of “Rwandan police in our country, we refuse because we have our own police force.”

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When the police saw that the damage was becoming a huge threat to the lives of civilians and disrupting public life, they started using tear gas canisters and live ammunition. One of the police officials and a protester were killed during the protest and a lot others were injured during the demonstration. 

On Saturday, the Congolese general commissioner alleged that no external security force will come near Goma while also stressing that all these allegations were false.