secret burials were performed for burundis prison inmates

Secret burials were performed for Burundi’s prison inmates

 BurundiBurundi – Families of the victims of the fire at the Gitega jail in Burundi are still in the dark regarding the whereabouts of their loved ones a week after the blaze broke out. Some people have already begun to come out of their partial sadness. Following the fire at the Gitega central jail, a father finds himself without a family.

Following the fire, we discovered that our father had been among the victims. Despite our efforts, we were unable to arrange for the funeral, and we were forced to organize a partial mourning period in accordance with Burundian tradition. ” Following the fire at the Gitega central prison, an orphaned father shared his thoughts. Families have expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of access they have been given to the remains of the victims. According to legal representatives, the state should have been involved in the burial arrangements.

“In reflection, the state should have taken responsibility for these funerals. Alternatively, the bodies should have been returned to their separate families so that they could take care of the burial arrangements themselves if that was not possible. So, while I am hopeful that it will be one of the two options, we are still waiting for the day when it will be the other, “Tatien Sibomana, a former prosecutor at the Gitega jail, expressed his sorrow.

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It is estimated that more than 1500 offenders were imprisoned at the penitentiary complex, which has a capacity of a thousand. In this article, a former prosecutor highlights the issue of overcrowding and proposes an alternative solution. Detention is the exception rather than the rule, and freedom is the rule. This notion should be incorporated into Burundi’s laws and regulations as soon as possible.

The release of all those who are serving their sentences and who have already spent a quarter of their sentences should be considered a success if, at the very least, their disciplinary files are in good order. “Tatien Sibomana is defending himself.

As reported by the authorities, 38 people were killed and 69 others were injured in the incident. According to the prison administration, as of November 26th, Burundi’s eleven prisons had 12,878 inmates, compared to a total capacity of 4,924.