Shooting in Qatar Spotlights Situation Of Indian Migrant Laborers

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:12 am

Haidar Ali’s most youthful sibling Afsar was energetically holding on to meet him at the air terminal – his family hadn’t seen him for a very long time.

The more youthful kin had made expand arrangements to observe Mr Ali’s homecoming with a gala, with welcomes reached out to family members and neighbors.

In any case, it was not to be, rather the family were defied with the most unnerving news—the 35-year-old traveler laborer had been shot and fundamentally injured by his Qatari boss.

“We were planning to welcome every one of our family members for a dining experience. It was a pivotal turning point for us as my sibling was returning following two monotonous years,” said Afsar.

Haidar, a 35-year-old welder, had been blinded in one eye after he was shot in the face by his maddened business, a Qatari public in Doha. The business had supposedly been irritated by Haider’s solicitation for leave to visit his family in the east Indian province of Bihar in October.

He was admitted to Hamdan Hospital for treatment and is currently recovering at the Indian government office, where he is likewise seeking after a police case

The Indian Embassy in Qatar additionally affirmed the records.

“An Indian laborer, working at the home of his supporter throughout the previous six years, was supposedly harmed in the wake of being shot by his support. He has since recuperated and been released from Hamad clinic,” Shri Fahmi, First Secretary at the international safe haven revealed to The National.

“As of now, he is living under the consideration of the government office. We have taken up the issue with concerned experts in Qatar to guarantee that equity is conveyed to the Indian public.”

The government office explanation added that an examiners was being set up by Indian authorities, and that the suspect in the shooting had been captured by specialists.

“Follow up clinical treatment is being given by the clinic. We plan to send him to India soon. Our authorities are encouraging him in calling his family in India,” said Mr Fahmi

Looking for clinical remuneration from Qatar

There are currently inquiries regarding how Haidar will remain the provider for his family, given the degree of his wounds. His better half, three siblings, weak dad and six kids all state the merciless assault has delivered him incapacitated, yet additionally left their lives in an in-between state as they look for money related pay from the Qatari government.

“My sibling is in stun and torment. Our lives have been crushed. He has small kids – five little girls and one child, in what capacity will he mastermind cash for their schooling and marriage?” said Afsar, who had approached his sibling for a watch as a blessing.

“We relied upon his pitiful pay for our living. However, presently he has lost one eye and endured grave wounds on one leg in the assault. We don’t have a clue whether he can actually work once more. We need the Qatari government to remunerate us,” Afsar said.

A family left with nothing

Haidar is from an unremarkable town in the East Champaran locale in Bihar, one of India’s most ruined states, which endures high joblessness. Numerous jobless men in the district pick the life of a transient specialist to accommodate their families.

Haidar’s objective of decision was Qatar, where he moved in 2018 searching for greener fields and a well-paying position. From his compensation, he’d need to discover assets for his weak spouse Naseema Khatoon’s heart treatment. Other squeezing needs included setting aside enough cash to teach his five little girls and aiding Afsar’s schooling, just as thinking about his old dad, 65-year-old Ammar.

For more than two years, Haidar worked as a welder for $466 per month, twofold what he used to make from his welding position in India. His sibling said he imparted a little space to colleagues at his boss’ carport to spare however much of his compensation as could be expected, which he sent home each month.

On occasion, he sent more than $243 for his significant other’s treatment.

Haidar Ali’s five little girls and two children relied upon his work as a welder in Qatar. Presently their future is questionable, as he faces lasting handicap. Photograph provided by family.

Following quite a while of imparting on WhatsApp video calls with family, Haidar intended to get back home for occasions and booked a departure from Doha to New Delhi for October 30.

Yet, his family are likewise now unfit to visit him in emergency clinic in Qatar. “With no cash for the flight tickets and the Covid circumstance, I can’t go there and be with him,” Afsar said.