Somalia: Opposition Overcomes Farmajo Dictatorial

Somalia; Opposition Overcomes Farmajo Dictatorial

The opposition, with the help of the Somali people, the international community and neighboring countries, has succeeded in thwarting Farmajo’s misguided attempt to retain power by extending the term two years. Opposition leaders have stepped up efforts to defeat Farmajo’s dictatorship. The people rose up and revolted. It was opposed by some sections of the military, who opposed Farmajo’s illegal extension.

Since the failure of the AfisyoniTent conference, pressure has been mounting on Farmajo to withdraw from the extension, and protests, clashes and international calls have been sparked by opposition leaders. They have devoted their time to thwarting Farmajo’s dictatorial ambitions and saving the country from collapse and political turmoil and ultimately the opposition has won.

The return and rule of law is the common Somalia’s interest. Fighting and protests against Farmajo Government will save Somalia from Farmajo’s harsh rule and the country’s collapse again. The hopes of the people and democracy have returned. Once again, hopes of holding elections in the country were dashed by Farmajo’s defeat in politics and he finally agreed to return to the September 17 agreement to hold elections in the country.

Because holding elections in the country is in the interest of all Somalis. The holding of elections in this country is crucial to the development of democracy and the security of Somali society as the country recovers from a long period of conflict. Fortunately, the opposition’s efforts resulted in a historic victory that threw Farmajo’s ambitions out of the window.

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Farmajo feared that waves of opposition protesters would fall and that power would fall out of his hands as some troops opposed him. He was shaken by the power of the opposition and the people who rejected his extension and his harsh rule. Fearing that the situation would deteriorate, he agreed to go back to the polls and implement previous agreements. SimilarlySomali people have shown their strength and how they do not want to flee again.

Opposition groups called for Farmajo to resign and for Prime Minister Roble to run for office. They oppose any offer by Farmajo to re-establish himself in power. The opposition stands for the will of the people, and will not allow the country to be ruled by force without elections. Opposition leaders and state leaders have said “Farmajo must resign” to save the country from setbacks and unrest. They want  election and an open political environment.