sudan orders security deployment ahead of anti coup protest

Sudan orders security deployment ahead of anti-coup protest

Last updated on December 26th, 2021 at 08:15 am

 SudanSudan – Scared of the scale of the damage that the Sudanese population is capable of doing with the large-scale anti-coup protests, the military has cut phone tires and restricted the internet along with deploying security to counter the forces.

On Saturday, the people in power are completely prepared to fight the military coup and they have deployed forces across Khartoum, the capital city, where they are blocking bridges that connect the capital to suburbs.

Sudan cut phone lines and restricted internet ahead of planned mass protests Saturday against a military coup, as security forces deployed across Khartoum blocking bridges connecting the capital to suburbs.

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Till now, the reports on international media reveal that near about 48 people have died in mass scale protests. According independent Doctors’ Committee and government officials have stressed that security officials “will deal with those who break the law and create chaos”

The decision to organise the protest was taken by activists who have actively been using the internet to call people for demonstrations and broadcasting live footage from the on ground rallies. They have been planning to organise protests since October 25. The civilian leader Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok was put under house arrest by the military chief General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan but after coming into an agreement to hand over its affairs, military officials reinstated the arrest on November 21 under a deal promising elections for July 2023.