sudans gold mine disaster kills at least 31 people

Sudan’s gold mine disaster kills at least 31 people

 Sudan Sudan – On Tuesday, a basic gold mine collapsed in Sudan, killing at least 31 workers. The fatal accident happened in Nuhud, a town some 500 kilometers west of Khartoum, said Khaled Dahwa, the head of the state-run Mineral Resources Company.

Only one individual has been found alive, while eight others remain unaccounted for. Four miners were killed in the same mine in January, according to a company official. He claimed authorities shut down the mine and put up security at the time, but they left a few months ago.

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Artisanal miners account for over 80% of the country’s annual gold production. Due to the country’s poor infrastructure, artisanal gold mining is a dangerous occupation in Sudan. Sudan has recently experienced high inflation and has implemented difficult economic changes, such as reducing fuel and diesel subsidies and introducing a controlled currency float. It is also reeling from political turmoil following General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan‘s October 25 military takeover.