sudan at least 57 people dead during violent anti coup protests prime minister resigns

Sudan: At least 57 people dead during violent anti-coup protests; Prime Minister resigns

Last updated on January 4th, 2022 at 09:57 am

 Sudan Sudan Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok has resigned amid anti-coup protests in the country. The announcement came after three protesters were killed by Sudanese security forces during anti-coup protests on Sunday.

The news was announced through a video address from Hamdok on the verified YouTube account of the Prime Minister’s office. It was posted on Sunday. The civilian-allied Sudanese Central Doctors Committee confirmed the news.

Hamdok’s resignation followed the news that three more protestors were killed by Sudanese security forces on Sunday. Reportedly, two protestors were shot in the chest. Various news agencies and social media posts showed groups of protestors running through plumes of white tear gas smoke across the country.

Hamdok’s statement

Hamdok reportedly said he is stepping down from the post to make way “for the daughters or sons” of Sudan to complete the transitional period. Subsequently, he praised the Sudanese people for their determination to fight against injustice during the protests. He said, “I decided to return the responsibility and declare my resignation as prime minister.”. He further added that his efforts to bridge the widening gap and settle disputes among the political forces have failed. He also warned that the ongoing political stalemate since the military takeover could become worse and damage the country’s already battered economy.

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Political stalemate in Sudan

Sudan had been ruled by an uneasy alliance between the military and civilian groups for more than two years. However, the military took power in August 2019.  Since the military generals seized power in the month of August in Sudan, protesters came to the streets in large numbers in the capital of Sudan, Khartoum. Hamdok was detained by the military. He was detained because he refused to issue a statement in support of the military coup. Hamdok’s resignation came amid a heavy security crackdown on protesters.