The Growing Rate Of Ethiopian Refugees

The growing ratebof refugees from Ethiopia is becoming alarming this is because of the ongoing Tigray conflict in Ethiopia. The UN and ECOWAS seriously needs to intervene in this conflict.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, a year ago’s Nobel Peace Prize champ, released a military mission on November 4 against Tigray’s protester chiefs, blaming them for assaulting bureaucratic military camps and attempting to destabilize his administration.

Hundreds are accounted for to have been murdered, and a large number of displaced people have fled into neighboring Sudan. Battling proceeds, with Ethiopia’s military on Sunday notice regular people to escape the critical city of Mekelle before a full scale attack.

Thousands of Ethiopians has fled to neighboring countries like Eritrea and Sudan, which is detrimental to the economic growth of Ethiopia as a whole. The refugees from Ethiopia are increasing by the day, something urgently needs to be done to stop this menace.