Beijing shuts food market

THE WORLD: Beijing shuts food market after new coronavirus cases discovered

The largest wholesale food market in Beijing has been shut by authorities after a number of coronavirus cases were detected amongst its workers.

The Xinfadi market in China’s capital, which has 4,000 tenants, was closed on Saturday, following the discovery of seven cases in the last two days.

They are the first officially confirmed locally transmitted cases in Beijing for 50 days.

The market and its surroundings will be disinfected, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

China was the original source of the outbreak of COVID-19, which has spread across the world killing more than 425,000 people, and infecting millions.

41,828 have been confirmed in the South American country, with 41,566 in the UK.

The only country in the world with more confirmed deaths in the US, which currently has 114,669.

In São Paulo, one of Brazil’s hotspots for the virus, municipal workers are digging up graves in order to free up space for future coronavirus victims.

Health experts are worried about a partial reopening in the city this week, resulting in crowded public transport, lines at shopping centres and disregard for social distancing.

Some experts predict the peak of Brazil’s pandemic will arrive in August, having spread from the big cities where it first appeared into the nation’s interior.