to deceive the general public former president farmajo supporters in somalia have launched the so called money laundering campaign

To deceive the general public. Former President “Farmajo” supporters in Somalia have launched the so-called “money laundering campaign.”

The “House of the People’s President” also “money laundering campaign” project, which aims to construct a residence for the late Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, the former president of Somalia, was officially kicked off by Farmajo’s supporters. At a time when hundreds of Somalis are dying of starvation in various regions of the nation, Farmajo, who is considered to be wealthy, is building a mansion. This is already causing the project to be mired in controversy.

However, the most significant risk associated with this endeavor is the possibility that it will be used for illegal activities such as money laundering, the acquisition of millions of dollars in cold hard cash through the banking system, and the commissioning of numerous births in the event that it is distributed directly. Money laundering is a method that is often used by people who want to put illegal money into a bank account. This includes drug dealers, terrorists, money launderers, and anyone else who wants to do this.

A political and security analyst located in Minnesota named Adam Abdulle is one of the individuals who believes that Farmajo’s “home-building” project could be exploited for the purpose of money laundering. The purpose of these accounts is to make it appear as though national property has not been stolen. The procedure for legalizing unlawfully obtained property Adam Abdulle said, “Lawmakers, especially in foreign countries where ‘donors’ live, need to check these accounts.” He was talking about the bank accounts that have been set up to receive donations.

Although it is unknown how many politicians he delivered the money to, Farmajo was the candidate who spent the most money on the election, with each member paying a sum of one hundred thousand dollars. Additionally, he leases out a house at the current rate of $25,000 per month, bringing in a total of $300,000 per year. This begs the question of how much money Farmajo was given to buy MPs and rent a house, but not to build a house. It’s possible that the solution is that the aim is to divert people’s attention away from their homes. It is widely known that the cost of constructing a home in the “green zone” of Mogadishu, which is near the airport, can go into the millions of dollars.

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In spite of the fact that Farmajo has not yet made an official statement regarding the project, it is widely believed that he is content with it and is aware of it. During his five-year rule, he also did a lot of bad things, like murder, torture, and making people go missing against their will.

Ikran Tahlil Farah, a young Somali public servant who worked for the National Intelligence and Security Agency, vanished in June 2021 after supposedly uncovering the truth about the illicit transfer of Somali conscripts to Eritrea. He was working for the agency at the time. After that, forces answering to Farmaajo and his then-intelligence chief, Fahad Yasin, were responsible for her assassination, and they did it to secure silence. After this, Farmaajo was against, refused, and tried to stop any fair investigation that would put him or Yasin in danger in any way.

Mukhtar Robow was also taken into custody in 2018 shortly after he declared his candidacy for the presidency of the Southwest. Following the endorsement of Abdiaziz Lafta-Gareen by the previous President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo, it was decided that he would not be permitted to take part in an election. Anger among the citizens of Baidoa, the administrative center of the Southwest region, caused chaos to break out as they demonstrated against his removal from the election. In the aftermath of the never-before-seen clash, at least eleven people were killed by gunfire from security forces.

Since that time, Robow has been in the custody of the police while NISA has been monitoring his situation. Since his time, the government has never publicly discussed his location in any way. On the other hand, it is generally accepted that he is still being held by the police. Robow gave an interview to the media in October of 2021, during which he said that the administration had a plan to kill him. But the administration didn’t say anything about whether or not the former Al-Shabaab deputy leader was going to be killed.

Farmaajo ought to be charged with murder as well as conspiracy and treason as soon as possible by the Ministry of Justice in Somalia. Farmaajo has the choice to either defend himself or give up the opportunity. The public ought to be allowed to watch court sessions. In the event that the court finds him guilty of any of the allegations, Farmaajo should be subject to the sentence that is specified by Somali law. The problem is not simply the wrongdoings of one individual; rather, it is the inability of the Somali people as a whole to move forward with their efforts to rebuild their nation. This needs to happen so that the next generation of Somalis will have a better quality of life and more chances than the generation before them.