will puntland magnetic leader win in somaliland

Will Puntland Magnetic Leader Win In Somaliland?

Last updated on May 10th, 2022 at 01:50 pm

It was nothing less than a slap on the face of the candidate who is running for Somalian presidentship- as a Somalian citizen residing in Britain took to twitter and shredded his commitment to tatters.

As Said Abdullah Dani made assertions about development is the field of education and overall development of Somaliland, a Somalian youth expressed how she was still studying in a prestigious British University and not her own country, thanks to such empty assertions.

The girl said, “We heard that Denny will run for president, and this is great news. We will not forget his development of education, thanks to which today I study at the most prestigious British university.” Dani is currently the president of Puntland.

Strangely, so, while the assertion seems to show her resentment, the man is well known and sort after in Somalia itself and therefore runs a very strong chance of being elected as the President.

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He has the advantage of being a successful businessman and participating in the establishment and management of several companies and commercial organizations during the past three decades. He is described as one of the Somali personalities who played a major role in the prosperity of trade and entrepreneurship in Somalia in the past period.

Further, he looks like an extremely impressive opposition figure who is said to have shaken the throne of currently serving president Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed also know as ‘Farmajo’. Mohamed has also declared the decision for appearance in the re-election but has to his credit rumours of being dictatorial.  

Farmajo, who was elected as president in February 2017, will be running against dozens of candidates for the country’s top seat in elections that had originally been scheduled to take place in February 2021.

Other contenders include two former presidents Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud and Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, the former prime minister Hassan Ali Khaire and the leader of the oil-rich region Puntland, Said Abdullahi Deni.  Somehow, Deni has been a favorite rich business leader and has held the position of a leadership in Puntland. Whether he can win the forthcoming fight for the seat of power in Somaliland, is something only time will tell.