top 10 richest musicians in zimbabwe 2022

Top 10 richest musicians in Zimbabwe 2023

Without a doubt, one of the world’s strongest continents in terms of pop is Africa. The majority of African musicians, including Zimbabweans, have achieved success on a variety of international stages.

More Zimbabwean artists exist who have brought honour to their country on a global scale, secured them some sponsorship deals, and consequently increased their financial standing.

The top 10 richest musicians in Zimbabwe are included in this article along with their respective net worths.

RankNameNet worth
1.Bonnie DeuschleUS $4 million
2.Jah PrayzahUS $1.6 million
3.Pastor Charles CharambaUS $1 million
4.Mudiwa HoodUS $1 million
5.Alick MachesoUS $800,000
6.Winky DUS $750,000
7.Ammara BrownUS $600,000
8.DJ StavoUS $600,000
9.Suluman ChimbetuUS $4,80,000
10.Minister Michael MahendreUS $4,00,000

1) Bonnie Deuschle(US $4 million)

bonnie deuschle
bonnie deuschle

A musician and pastor from Zimbabwe is Bonnie Deuschle. She is also a writer; she is the author of the French-language novel The Great Connection. She is the richest musician in zimbabwe

After her parents were divorced, she grew up with her mother. Later, her father took his own life. Tom Deuschle and Bonnie have five kids together: Tommy Deuschle, Jonathan, Benjamin, Daniel, and Sarah. She co-founded Celebration Ministries International with her husband Tom.

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2) Jah Prayzah(US $1.6 million)

jah prayzah
jah prayzah

Lead singer of the Zimbabwean band Third Generation and contemporary musician Mukudzeyi Mukombe goes by the stage name Jah Prayzah.

One of the most popular musicians that has achieved international acclaim is Jah Prayzah. His singing career has brought in a sizable chunk of money for him. His predicted net worth for the year 2020 is $104 million. One of the most gifted singers in the contemporary music scene is Jah Prayzah.

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3) Pastor Charles Charamba(US $1 million)

pastor charles charamba
pastor charles charamba

Gospel artist and former pastor of the Apostolic Faith Mission Church of Zimbabwe, Charles Charamba, hails from Zimbabwe (AFM). Since then, he has founded his church. Since the beginning of the new millennium, Charamba’s albums have sold the most gospel music in Zimbabwe. He is one of the richest artists in zimbabwe.

He has performed in southern Africa as well as Great Britain and the United States. “Machira Chete” is one of Charamba’s best-known songs. They are referred to as the “First Family of Gospel” and perform together on stage and in his CDs. His wife, Olivia (née Maseko), is a gospel singer as well.

Charles Charamba reportedly resides in Harare’s The Surbub of Gunhill, according to Chinoitezvi Honour. His kids have musical talent as well.

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4) Mudiwa Hood(US $1 million)

mudiwa hood
mudiwa hood

Hood, who was raised in Chitungwiza and went to Nyazura High School, was born Mudiwa Mtandwa in Harare in 1985. Later, he graduated from Africa University with Bachelor of Science degrees in Economics and Phycology as well as a Masters in Business Administration (Finance).

His biological great-grandfather gave him the surname “Hood,” which he used to start his recording career. As a result of his great-grandfather Hood leaving the family and taking the Mtandwa surname, Hood said in 2019 that he was legally changing his last name to Hood.

5) Alick Macheso(US $800,000)

alick macheso
alick macheso

He made his solo debut in 1998 with the release of the album Magariro, which included the song “Pakutema Munda,” which was perhaps the least notable on the record. The initial cut received no praise, but the next year, he continued to release Vakiridzo. Similar to how the response was muted, he returned to the studio and released Simbaradzo a year later.

6) Winky D(US $750,000)

winky d
winky d

Winky D, whose real name is Wallace Chirumiko, is a Zimbabwean reggae-dancehall musician also known by the monikers “The Big Man,” “Dancehall Igwe,” “Gaffa,” “Ninja President,” “Professor,” and “Extraterrestrial.” He is frequently regarded as the father of Zimdancehall and one of the most proficient musicians working in Zimbabwe today.

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7) Ammara Brown(US $600,000)

ammara brown
ammara brown

Ammara Brown is an actress, brand ambassador, and female singer (Afro-pop/RnB) from Zimbabwe. Her father, legendary Zimbabwean singer Andy Brown, is her father. She began her career in the 1990s, making her on-screen debut alongside Oliver Mtukudzi in a TV ad.

She was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. At the age of 13, she wrote her first demo song for her parents, launching her musical career. In 2003, she became a supporting vocalist for her father’s band, The Storm.

8) DJ Stavo

dj stavo
dj stavo

Zimbabwean DJ, Afro-Jazz musician, and music producer DJ Stavo is well-known. He is renowned as the DJ who can keep a variety of clubgoers entertained. As a result, DJ Stavo has staged numerous club performances where he has featured both local and regional talent.

In 1998, Dj Stavo was a midfielder with Chrome Stars, and later played for Midlands Cables in the top league. When the DJ flew to England for Chesterfield’s auditions, he had the chance to virtually break onto the worldwide stage.

9) Suluman Chimbetu(US $4,80,000)

suluman chimbetu
suluman chimbetu

Sulumani Chimbetu, a Dendera singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Zimbabwe was born on May 27, 1982, in Chegutu.

He is a businessman in addition to being a singer, guitarist, songwriter, and theatrical performer. He is the Orchestra Dendera Kings’ lead singer and the son of the late Dendera music legend Simon Chimbetu. When he joined The Orchestra Dendera Kings in 2004, he first caught people’s notice. Since then, he has enjoyed a flourishing career that has included tours abroad and successful partnerships with other local artists.

10) Minister Michael Mahendre(US $4,00,000)

minister michael mahendre
minister michael mahendre

Michael Mahendere, a businessman, preacher, and singer of gospel music from Zimbabwe, was born on May 28, 1983. Mahendere serves as Emmanuel Makandiwa’s assistant pastor at United Family International Church. In addition to being well known for his album Getting Personal With God II, which has singles like Mumoyo, he first gained notoriety for rearranging the song Makanaka Jesu with the UFI Choir. He is frequently referred to as “Minister” Michael Mahendere.