TraceX Collaborates with ‘Univision’ to Offer Traceability Solutions

TraceX Collaborates with ‘Univision’ to Offer Traceability Solutions

In order to provide end-to-end traceability in the agricultural supply chain, TraceX Technologies, a blockchain-powered traceability technology that improves food and supply chain transparency, has entered the African market in partnership with Ghana-based Univision.

TraceX and Univision’s collaboration will enable the unification of the whole agricultural sector into a single platform. All participants in the agro supply chain, from smallholder farmers in Ghana to financial institutions that lend money to farmers, would be able to communicate and do business through a single platform.

Customers in Ghana and overseas can use Univision Consultancy Ltd’s Ag-Tech Consulting, Agribusiness Mapping, Export Aggregator, and Business Support Services. As part of its consultancy services, it provides Ghanaian agribusinesses with the appropriate Ag-tech platforms to help them cut costs, enhance their operational processes, and increase their production per acre of their farms.

Similar to this, as part of their agribusiness mapping services, they team up with several smallholder farmers (cooperatives) to grow a specific farm product, connect them to input companies and financial institutions that can support these farmers with inputs like quality seeds, fertilisers, and agrochemicals, give the farmers loans, etc., and finally help them market their produce.

Co-founder and managing director of Univision Isaac Ampiaw commented on the collaboration, saying, “One of the fundamental reasons we chose to engage with TraceX is that they enable us to bring all the essential ecosystem stakeholders together under one digital platform. Additionally, they provide an offline and online communication strategy that makes it simple for smallholder farmers to interact with other supply chain participants. To provide end-to-end traceability in the Agri supply chain, we look forward to cooperating closely with TraceX.

Srivatsa Sreenivasarao, Co-Founder and CEO of TraceX, commented on the collaboration, saying, “Africa is a significant location for us because of the strong development potential for agribusinesses. We are pleased to work with Univision to take advantage of the opportunity presented by supply chain digitization, which has many potential applications, particularly in West Africa. Traceability is made possible by end-to-end digitisation, which improves smallholder farmers’ possibilities and access to funding.