elon musk secretly working on ai project for twitter

Elon Musk Secretly Working On AI Project For Twitter

Tech billionaire and the second richest man in the world, Elon Musk, is secretly working on an artificial intelligence (AI) project at Twitter, according to a report by the Independent.

Twitter CEO approached two researchers from leading AI research firm DeepMin to work on a generative artificial intelligence (AI) project, much like Open AI’s ChatGPT. Reportedly, Elon Musk has also invested in 10,000 graphics processing units (GPUs) to work on large language models (LLMs).

According to a report by Insider, Musk has also hired researchers from Alphabet and has personally approached people in the AI field to work on this project. Reportedly, Musk could improve the search functionality at Twitter with the help of AI. 

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Musk is one of the founders of Open AI. According to a Semafor report, Musk wanted to take up the CEO’s job at Open AI in 2018. However, Altman and other co-founders opposed this move. Later on, he left the company in 2018. He also took away funding for development works at OpenAI. Musk reportedly criticised the company because it “moved away from its founding principles”.

In February, Musk wrote, “OpenAI was created as an open source (which is why I named it ‘Open’ AI), a non-profit company to serve as a counterweight to Google, but now it has become a closed source, the maximum-profit company effectively controlled by Microsoft. Not what I intended at all.” After the success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, he slammed the American AI company. With the new project, Musk reportedly wants to strike back at OpenAI.

This comes amid recent warnings about the risks posed by highly developed artificial intelligence. Experts called for an overall pause in developing AI. 

The latest move also comes two weeks after Musk signed an open letter, along with more than 1,000 other researchers, urging the suspension of the creation of AI systems.