ethiopian army planning to eradicate tigrayan forces military official

Ethiopian army planning to eradicate Tigrayan forces: Military official

 EthiopiaEthiopia – Ethiopia’s military is planning to eradicate rebellious forces from the Tigray region of the country. The military wants to enter the Tigray regional capital of Mekelle.

A top military official said on Friday that the military wants to end the conflict in the country’s northern region amid diplomatic efforts.

Reportedly, Ethiopian Defence Forces (EDF) deputy army chief General Abebaw Tadesse said Ethiopia would not be at peace until the TPLF (Tigray People’s Liberation Front) was eliminated. He said, “Tigray is part of Ethiopia and no force will stop us from entering. We will enter the region and we will eliminate the enemy. We will not negotiate with them.”

Reportedly, the Horn of Africa country has been suffering because of the war for more than a year. Reportedly, crimes like mass killings of citizens and widespread sexual violence against women have increased recently.

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TPLF is the political party that controls the Tigray region of Ethiopia. Earlier, a war was started in 2020 in Ethiopia between the Tigrayans and the federal government led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. The 2020 conflict between the government and the Tigrayans was a result of months of disagreements. The political leaders in Tigray were opposing reforms pursued by Abiy’s federal government in the country. The clashes on the ground between the Ethiopian military and the Tigrayans stopped temporarily in 2021. However, airstrikes against rebel positions continued in Ethiopia.

This week two top United States (U.S.) diplomats flew into the country to push for a ceasefire. Earlier, United States President Joe Biden spoke to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed about the continuing conflict in the country. Earlier, he raised concerns over human rights violations in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. In recent months there have been multiple diplomatic and political efforts to end the conflict in the region.