Israel will no more wait from Iran to take aggressive steps, strike threatens the regions

 Israel Israel – Iran has been aggressively doing rounds around its nuclear programme but as it inches closer to execution, Israel threatens with airstrike. Though Iran has not made any official comment nor do experts predict anything till now, the way Iran has been showing aggressive participation in the nuclear programme, Israel’s threat gets serious.

Israel recently participated and rehearsed a security operation with Emirates and Bahrain naval forces under the supervision of the United States. The naval exercise was carried out in the waters of the red sea and an attempt was made to secure the borders.

It was clear that this was done with an intention to warn Iran against any attack or violence especially those related to the nuclear programme. Things became clear after the Israeli fighter planes were sent from the nation to a place north of Israel called Eilat where they had carried out air exercises related to security.

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Iran too has been holding large military exercises despite several warnings from western countries. Because the US and Iran have not reached any deal on the nuclear programme, it was impossible for the Biden administration to directly interfere with the act but still, it has managed to impose sanctions on the Arab country.

The US has prepared itself and other countries involved in the process and even invested a lot to limit Iran from carrying out such activities. The Israeli government has also allocated $1.5bn (£1.1bn) to prepare the Israeli armed forces, which is one of the highest in recent years. This is to prepare itself from the attacks of the Iranian nuclear sites. Israeli officials have also made their intentions clear saying that even though they have no interest in a war against Iran but if they attempt something, Israel will not back out. “In light of Iranian progress of their nuclear programme, we are preparing for all options and scenarios, including military capabilities,” stressed the official.