malis parliament approves a five year democratic transition charter

Mali’s parliament approves a five-year democratic transition charter

Last updated on February 24th, 2022 at 07:09 am

Mali’s lawmakers approved a proposal on Monday that would allow the transitional administration to rule for up to five years in accordance with the authorities’ suggestion. A mission on a timetable for elections will be led by the ECOWAS mediator for Mali on Thursday. On Monday, the Mali parliament approved a measure that would allow Colonel Assimi Gota’s transitional government to rule for up to five years.

During a session particularly dedicated to “the assessment of the draft law on the reform of the transition charter,” 120 members of Mali’s 121-seat interim parliament agreed to pass the measure, in line with a request by the transitional government. The new charter comes after the country was faced with regional sanctions in January due to postponed elections. There were already problems between France and the United States, and this delay made them even worse. France eventually decided to pull its soldiers out of Mali.

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Ben Diarra, a member of the National Transition Council, applauded the move. When the invading army leaves your territory, you are filled with excitement and pride. You can only applaud and praise the authorities for their patriotic courage, particularly the heroic president, Assimi Gota. The withdrawal of the Barkhane army marks the beginning of the end of the war in Mali. ” As long as the new charter doesn’t say when the next presidential election will be, Kornel Gota won’t be able to run.

Mali’s leadership vowed to hold a ballot in February 2022 after executing a coup in August 2020. Last December, though, the government advocated staying in power for much longer, citing security concerns. During the AU-EU Summit, President Nana Akufo-Addo, the chairperson of the Economic Community of West African States, stated that a one-year transition may be considered acceptable. On Monday, the ECOWAS commission said that its Mali mediator would lead a mission on Thursday to set a date for an election.