mali junta wins five year term post french troop withdrawal

Mali Junta Wins Five Year Term Post French Troop Withdrawal

Last updated on February 22nd, 2022 at 07:07 am

 Mali Junta Mali Junta – Mali lawmakers have opened the roads for the military junta to run the show for a span for five years. This has happened despite the regional sanctions that had been imposed on the country over delayed elections.

It seems that good governance is becoming a fist game with elections not being given their due weightage. Voting should have happened in this February after a sad coup happened in 2020. But the lawmakers have been ineffective to make that happen.

As junta showed more muscle power, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in January imposed a trade embargo and closed its borders with Mali. The bloc has called the potential length of the transition unacceptable.

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But nothing has made a real difference has the lawmakers have given Junta access to run the show. Literally, 120 members out of the 121 on the Parliament have found an easy way out. No lawmakers in the army-dominated legislature voted against the bill or abstained.

The country has been as troubled as its neighbours of increasing jihadist interference which was getting French support, to be kept at bay. However, governance was looking very weak even then. As France withdrew military support this month, the junta had decided to take matters completely in their hands.

 French forces have been active since 2013 in Mali, where they intervened to drive Islamic extremists from power. But the insurgents regrouped in the desert and began attacking the Malian army and its allies. “We got some results in Mali, but the work has not been achieved,” Col. Ianni added. “It’s not the Malian junta who kicks us out.

Mali has seen a coup in August, amidst the nation fighting a war against the novel pandemic.  In Bamako, President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta was forced to resign. The retired colonel and former defence minister of Mali in 2014, is being asked to become the interim president until elections happen in 2022. Bah N’Daou will lead the West African country for the time being. Blame it on an uprising against the government running under Keita, who was made to resign on gunpoint. Regional leaders of the Economic community of West Africa failed miserably at attempts for a constructive dialogue before the coup.