sudan still awaits justice after three years of deadly crackdown

Sudan still awaits justice after three years of deadly crackdown

Last updated on June 15th, 2022 at 07:27 am

Khartoum residents are on to the streets as they raise voice against Sudan’s military regime and demand justice for the victims of 2019’s deadly crackdown that killed scores of people. Demonstrators blocked the cities eastern and southern neighbourhoods as they are now determined to raise their voice against regime’s injustice.

Protests demanding justice

The rally and demonstrations are aimed at seeking justice, marking third anniversary of the deadly crackdown in Khartoum. Nazik Awad, a demonstrator said, “We demand and appeal to all civil society and human rights organisations to demand the human and civil rights of minors who are arrested and to demand the rights of detainees who are exposed to violence while they are in prison, and we will continue to go down the streets until the fall of the regime.”

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That fateful day

Amira Kabous still remembers the fateful date of June 3, 2019. As soon as she learnt that Sudanese military had ‘violently’ dispersed a peaceful sit-in protest in Khartoum, she called her son Mohamad Hisham, who too was at the sit-in, frantically. Only later did she learn that he was among the 120 killed in the deadly crackdown by country’s military. “My family spotted his body in a photograph on Facebook,” said Kabous, the vice president of the Martyrs’ Families Organization. “My [husband] then went to the hospital and after one hour he called to tell me that he found Mohamad.”

Three years into that painful day, the survivors and families of victims are still waiting for justice. But after the civilian administration was toppled in the October 25 military coup last year, the country’s journey towards democracy is further derailed. And so are the hopes to investigate into the crackdown of 2019 that killed hundreds of people staging peaceful sit-in protests against the government.